Why Good Running Sunglasses Are Essential

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Everyone knows a good run largely depends on wearing the right shoes. But, did you know running sunglasses can have a significant impact as well? Sunglasses help runners relax and protect them from many different conditions on the trails. They transform the entire experience for you, making it more enjoyable to meet any

The Benefits of Using a Training Tracker

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If you want to train well for a triathlon, you need to track patterns in your workouts in order to optimize performance improvement. At one point, athletes only had stopwatches to track their times and keep up with personal goals while training for a race. Now, the technology available in a

The Top 10 Tri Suits of 2017

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Finding the right tri suit can make or break your performance on the big day. Afterall, you don't want issues with your gear to be the difference that causes you to have a bad race. If you're bad at making decisions: never fear! We've compiled this nifty list of the top

Guide: Choosing the Best Triathlon Racing Helmet

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When you're racing in a triathlon, the last thing you want is to lose valuable time because of equipment issues. That's why you need the best racing helmet. You don't want to be in the middle of the race fighting against a helmet that's too loose, too tight, or has straps

Which Triathlon Bikes are the Best in 2017?

triathlon bikes

Triathlons have gained more media coverage in recent years, and as a result, they've become more popular amongst athletes of all ages and levels. Seasoned athletes can push themselves even farther, and those new to athletic competition can embrace a challenge. What makes a triathlon so unique is the varied nature

Triathlon Clothing: Here’s What You Need to Wear

triathlon clothing

Running your first triathlon can be an intimidating prospect. Not only is it a grueling physical feat, there are specific rules and regulations associated with the sport. Still, triathlons are growing in popularity. In 2016, more than 4 million people participated in a triathlon across the U.S. If you're one of the

The 10 Best Triathlon Bike Shoes to Try

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As you probably know, triathletes and cyclists have different training regiments, different goals, and different shoe needs. With the "clipless" pedal system that's become standard in the last 30 years, triathlon bike shoes have changed from previous standards of road-specific shoes. Finding the right fit for your body that you can

5 Reasons to Use Swimming Ear Plugs

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If you're here, you're probably a triathlete. The good news is, you're in good company. In 2017, USA Triathlon had over 170,000 members - which means there's no better time to be a multisport athlete. But your triathlon training could be missing one unexpected edge: swimming ear plugs. Wait, what? If you're an

A Racer’s Guide to Triathlon Shoes

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You've finally decided to check participating in a triathlon off your bucket list. It's now time to go shopping for all the essentials. One important feature on your list is triathlon shoes. Not just any pair of athletic shoes will do. For a triathlon, you will need running shoes. Do not take

The 7 Triathlon Accessories You Need to Have

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Are you preparing for your first triathlon? You're not the only one - research shows that triathlons have been steadily growing in popularity for years. If you want to be in with the best chance of beating the competition, you need to invest in the right kit. To help out, we're listing seven