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How to Buy the Right Exercise Bike for You

Woman on an Exercise Bike

Are you looking for a home workout that’s challenging, enjoyable, and suitable for all fitness levels? If so, indoor cycling might be for you. It provides a solid cardio workout, along with many other health benefits, such as improved energy, increased leg strength, it can help you start your day with

How Does a Sports Psychologist Improve Athletic Performance?

sports psychologist on chair in office

Life is a mental game. Everything you do in life, whether it's your work, your relationships, interactions with your friends, or yes even sports, has a huge mental component to it. The psychology of an athlete is instrumental in whether or not they win or lose the game ahead of them. If

8 of the Best Triathlon Wetsuits Money Can Buy

triathletes in wetsuits running on beach

In one survey of triathletes, it was discovered that about 95% of them participate in the race for the personal challenge. Running, biking, and then swimming is a challenge in and of itself. For most people, swimming may be the most difficult part of all. However, if you have a good wetsuit,

Runner’s Knee Treatment and Home Remedies

person with runner's knee

When it comes to athletes, runners have a higher risk of injury than other types of athletes, such as swimmers. In both men and women, the knee is at the greatest risk. If you're an avid runner, there's a good chance that at some point you'll suffer from runner's knee. Do you