5 Tips For Your First Super Sprint Triathlon

super sprint triathalon

Competing in a super sprint triathlon is often the first triathlon race that athletes attempt. The distances for the swim, the bike, and the run are shorter than the standard triathlon distances, making it a great choice for beginners. Whether this is your first super sprint triathlon or you just want

5 Reasons to Use Swimming Ear Plugs

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If you're here, you're probably a triathlete. The good news is, you're in good company. In 2017, USA Triathlon had over 170,000 members - which means there's no better time to be a multisport athlete. But your triathlon training could be missing one unexpected edge: swimming ear plugs. Wait, what? If you're an

How Much Water Should an Athlete Drink Before a Workout?


As an athlete, you likely already understand the importance of proper hydration before, during, and after a workout.  That being said, not everyone knows just how much to drink (or when to drink it). We've put together a quick primer on the subject to help. So, how much water should an athlete

Future Champions: How to Organize a Triathlon for Kids


With almost 25,000 triathletes under the age of 18 (and growing!), kids triathlons are hugely popular in the United States.  And why shouldn't they be? These fun events bring families together and encourage good sportsmanship in kids. If your kid can bike, run, and swim, she or he can be a triathlete. In