Going Nuts for Healthy Eating | 5 Types of Nuts to Include in Your Super Foods Diet Plan

Pistachio Nuts

Around 43% of Americans committed to eating healthy in 2020.

Thanks to the rise of superfoods, there are many fruits, veggies, and types of nuts to incorporate into our meals. Nuts have always been hailed to be healthy but which one’s are the best for you?

Read on to find out.

1. Almonds

Aside from eating almonds for protein, these nuts are also a great source of fiber. They also support glowing skin as almonds contain vitamins A and E which is a life-saver if you suffer from dry, flaky skin. 

This powerful nut also strengthens hair and adds texture as it contains healthy fatty acids. If you’re interested, try hair products with almond oil and you’ll notice your hair becomes stronger and shinier. 

Almonds also eliminate cravings, lowers cholesterol, and promote a healthy heart. To reap some of the almond’s goodness, eat a handful for a snack or sprinkle a few onto your morning oats.

2. Pistachios

Pistachios are the best for healthy nut snacks as they’re packed with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

They’re also the highest protein nuts as an ounce contains six grams of protein. Your body then breaks down the nut protein into amino acids which helps repair tissue and create new molecules.  

Pistachios also contain vitamin B6 which prevents cardiovascular disease, various types of cancer, and cognitive dysfunction. Women need around 1.5 milligrams of vitamin B6 per day whereas men need 2 milligrams. Eating a handful of pistachios should be enough to get your daily recommended intake.

4. Cashews

Out of all the different types of nuts, cashews are the easiest to add to dishes thanks to their creamy texture.

Cashews are also packed with copper which eliminates free radicals from the body. They also protect our eyes because they contain an antioxidant pigment called Zea Xanthin. This is then absorbed by the retina and forms a protective layer to stop harmful UV rays.

Cashew nuts are also a fantastic source of dietary fibers called oleic acid and palmitic acid. Because we can’t produce these acids naturally, we must add cashews to our diet to help us digest food better to prevent digestive diseases.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts are the perfect nuts for snacking even though they are higher in calories than others on this list. It’s important to note that these fats are mainly PUFAs which are important for nerve function, brain health, and muscle strength. Since our body can’t produce them on its own, you must get PUFAs from your diet.

Those Are the Healthiest Types of Nuts

Now you know the healthiest types of nuts to incorporate into your diet. Even though they’re all packed with protein, each nut also offers something unique. For instance, almonds rejuvenate your skin whereas walnuts are brilliant for brain health. Be sure to eat a handful a day for a snack or add a portion for a side dish.

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