How to Properly Fuel Your Body for a Triathlon

fuel your body for a triathlon

Are you going to be competing in a triathlon soon? Whether it's your first or your fifteenth, every athlete can use some advice on proper triathlon nutrition. Eating the right food before your race can help you perform better and avoid running out of steam halfway through. Unfortunately, there's a lot

What is the Best Training Routine for Triathletes?

training routine for triathletes

You've decided to participate in a triathlon, congratulations! That shows real commitment to your body and health. You can't just do a triathlon out of nowhere, though. At least most of us can't. You've got to take the time to train and build up your body's strength and endurance. So how do

The Best Wearable Technology for Triathlon Training

wearable technology

Training for a triathlon has never been easier. There is plenty of great gear to get you on your way, and with all of the wearable technology available today, there are so many options to choose from that will help you get ready for the big race. Triathlons have really taken

Triathlon Training: How to Improve Your Swim Breathing and Swim Better

swim breathing

With participation in triathlons growing at a rapid rate, more people than ever before are interested in learning how to improve their race times and boost their overall stamina. One of the most important parts of shaving down your time? Focusing on your breathing, especially during the swimming section of a triathlon. Swim

8 Tried and True Triathlon Race Day Tips

triathlon race day tips

Are you getting ready for your first triathlon? Or, are you a veteran looking for new ways to up your game before your next race? Whatever camp you fall into, keep these eight triathlon race day tips in mind so you can show up with confidence and run your best race