Open Water Swimming: Practical Tips for Beginners

open water swimming

You hear a gunshot, and you experience a sudden rush of adrenaline. Water splashes all around you, and you take off like a sailboat on the open sea. You are now officially an open water swimmer. You've spent hours in the pool, but in competition, engaging in open water swimming as part

The Importance of Mastering the Triathlon Transition

triathlon transition

So you've committed to participating in a triathlon. Nice! You're probably used to people saying you're crazy by now. Whether you're crazy or not, you're going to want to know how to make a successful triathlon transition. Often in a race, the winner is determined by mere seconds - so you're going

Run, Pedal, and Swim at Home: How to Build a Home Gym for Triathlon Training

man training for triathlon

Thinking about building a home gym? Want to make sure it's ideal for triathlon training? A great home gym can be a huge help when it comes to triathlon training and can give you the convenience need to train harder, faster, and longer. Building a home triathlete gym can be a great investment, but

5 Surprising Benefits of Golf That Can Make You a Better Triathlete

person playing golf

140.6 or 70.3?  No matter how you answer, now is the time to start training for the 2019 season. With more than 4,300 races to choose from and thousands of people competing, you need a plan to get ready.  You lift weights, swim laps, run for miles - but have you ever considered a