Run, Pedal, and Swim at Home: How to Build a Home Gym for Triathlon Training


Thinking about building a home gym? Want to make sure it's ideal for triathlon training? A great home gym can be a huge help when it comes to triathlon training and can give you the convenience need to train harder, faster, and longer. Building a home triathlete gym can be a great investment, but

5 Surprising Benefits of Golf That Can Make You a Better Triathlete


140.6 or 70.3?  No matter how you answer, now is the time to start training for the 2019 season. With more than 4,300 races to choose from and thousands of people competing, you need a plan to get ready.  You lift weights, swim laps, run for miles - but have you ever considered a

The Importance of Mastering the Triathlon Transition

triathlon transition

So you've committed to participating in a triathlon. Nice! You're probably used to people saying you're crazy by now. Whether you're crazy or not, you're going to want to know how to make a successful triathlon transition. Often in a race, the winner is determined by mere seconds - so you're going

Do You Have the Mindset of a Champion?

champion mindset

What do Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, tennis superstar Serena Williams, and Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time have in common? They're all great champions but what makes them the best ever at their sport isn't only their natural ability. An athlete can have all the physical attributes that

Fitness Mobile Apps to Help You Reach Your Triathlon Goals

fitness mobile apps

Whether you're training for your first triathlon or a seasoned triathlete, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of your training schedule and progress. That's when fitness mobile apps come in handy. Fitness apps aren't only meant to keep track of your workouts. Some can track metrics like heart rate