9 Yoga Poses for Energy to Help You Kick Start Your Day

yoga poses for energy

Yoga is a fantastic means of exercise that strengthens one’s body, mind, and spirit. It does that while simultaneously providing stress relief benefits and a deep sense of peace.

Given the outstanding benefits of yoga, it’s no wonder why almost 10% of the American population practice this ancient art of movement on a regular basis.

It’s becoming increasingly popular for people to pursue exercise in hopes that stimulating their bodies regularly will not only provide them with outward facing benefits like weight loss but also internal benefits like increased energy production.

So then, is it possible for Yoga to help decrease fatigue and increase vitality? It is!

This article briefly shares 9 of the best yoga poses for energy in hopes that readers will find the best positions for their unique abilities that will aid them in living life to its fullest!

1. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose offers a bevy of strength benefits in that it engages one’s back, neck, shoulders, and chest. It also comes with the benefit of opening 4 body chakras that are responsible for tension, stress, and fatigue making it among the top yoga poses for energy.

To do this yoga pose, one simply needs to lie on their stomach with their hands on the floor keeping their legs together. Then, one would slowly lift their upper body while keeping their legs on the floor which will create a nice stretch in their back.

2. Downward Dog

Downward dog is the most popular pose in Yoga and is also excellent at boosting energy. Many who do yoga celebrate downward dog for the positive effect it has on the mind, body, and spirit.

Doing this pose is simple. All one has to do is lift themselves up from a pushup position, spread their legs apart and poke their behind into the air.

3. Upward Dog

Upward dog is excellent at opening up practitioner’s chests where much of a person’s energy is stored. It can also help people improve their posture which can lead to a big-time boost in confidence and bring relief to sciatica pain and depression.

Upward dog is accomplished by practitioners getting into cobra pose. They will then move their arms down towards their feet slightly and lift their knees off of the floor. This makes for a more intense workout for core muscles and can do more to move blood through one’s body when compared to the otherwise similar cobra pose.

4. Tree Pose

Tree pose is a balancing pose that demands a practitioner’s focus and strengthens their core which leads to increased blood flow and energy production.

To accomplish tree post, practitioner’s should stand on one leg, touch the other leg’s foot to the planted leg’s inner thigh and stretch their arms over their head.

5. Wheel Pose

Wheel pose is one of the most lauded Yoga poses for energy production but puts a lot of pressure on practitioner’s back. For that reason, it’s only recommended for intermediate to advanced Yogis.

To get into wheel pose, one would stand up straight with their feet shoulder-width apart. They would then need to slowly bend over backward until their hands touch the ground and their belly gets stretched up into the air.

6. Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand is a great beginner yoga pose for energy. It’s among the first moves you learn and has been said to improve overall health and reduce insomnia.

Shoulder stand starts with practitioners laying on their backs. Then, one would slowly extend their legs and back up into the air so that their body’s weight rests on their shoulders.

Those who try shoulder stand should be wary of placing too much weight on their neck.

7. Bridge Pose

Another one of the most simple and noteworthy energy increasing Yoga poses is bridge pose.

With bridge pose, one needs to lay flat on their back. Then, they would push their knees up and place their feet flat on the ground so their shins are fully vertical. Finally, practitioners would push their hips upward which will stretch their lower and upper back.

8. Bow Pose

Bow pose is known to de-stress the body which gives practitioners more vitality and a higher capacity to partake in physical activities.

To get into bow pose, practitioners need to lay flat on their stomach then bend their feet towards their behinds. Finally, one would grab their feet with their hands and stretch their lower back.

9. Camel Pose

Camel pose is optimal for those who have serious stress and anxiety issues and feel that those factors are contributing to their chronic fatigue. Camel pose is also an excellent candidate for those who are hoping to gain relief from backaches or menstrual-related pains.

Camel pose requires practitioners to stand on their knees and then arch their backs towards their feet. One should aim to bring the palms of their hands and the bottoms of their feet together to create stability in this stretch and prevent back injuries.

Wrapping Up Yoga Poses for Energy

As readers can see, there are no shortage of yoga poses for energy that can be experimented with to find out if they provide relief from fatigue.

As with all yoga poses, it’s’ important that practitioners take into account their body’s natural limits and never push themselves through discomfort. When in doubt as to whether or not a yoga pose could cause more harm than good, interested parties should discuss poses with their health practitioner and get cleared.

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