9 Yoga Poses for Energy to Help You Kick Start Your Day

yoga poses for energy

Yoga is a fantastic means of exercise that strengthens one's body, mind, and spirit. It does that while simultaneously providing stress relief benefits and a deep sense of peace. Given the outstanding benefits of yoga, it's no wonder why almost 10% of the American population practice this ancient art of movement

Tips for Running in Hot Weather Without Getting Fatigued

running in hot weather

When the weather begins to warm up after a long winter, people start daydreaming about all the incredible things they'll do come June and July. Trips to the beach, theme parks, pool parties. You name it. Another thought that enters people's minds is how much weight they've gained over the holidays.

How to Diagnose the Most Common Causes of Running Pain

running pain

If you're running without any pain at all, you're one of the lucky ones. Some studies have estimated that up to 90% of runners become injured in some type of way that can cause them to lose running time and miss out on runs overall. While there is a certain pain