Future Champions: How to Organize a Triathlon for Kids


With almost 25,000 triathletes under the age of 18 (and growing!), kids triathlons are hugely popular in the United States.  And why shouldn't they be? These fun events bring families together and encourage good sportsmanship in kids. If your kid can bike, run, and swim, she or he can be a triathlete. In

A Ketogenic Meal Plan for Athletes

ketogenic meal plan

Are you an athlete looking for ways to improve your performance and focus? Do you want to cut weight in scientifically-backed ways? Become a little leaner without sacrificing great flavor? Do you like the sound of the following foods? Baked salmon. Spicy turkey chili. Greek yogurt with almonds. Then the keto diet may

4 Reasons Why Every Athlete Should Be Using CBD Daily

cbd daily

The physical well-being of athletes has been at the forefront of the conversation surrounding elite sports in recent years. In 2015, for example, the NBA joined an initiative to help improve athletes' health. The association has likely devised several solutions by now. But here's one thing officials probably overlooked: Cannabis. And, no, we're