What Are the Effects of Running on the Brain?

effects of running

Running is one of the most popular types of exercise in the world, and is enjoyed by over 55 million Americans. Whether you like to run marathons or just take a quick jog around your local park, you'll feel the benefits. Running is a great way to get outside, get your

The Amazing Connection between Yoga and Running

yoga and running

Over 64 million people went running or jogging in the United States in 2016. Running is one of the top sports activity in the world. However, if you're a runner and you suffer knee or leg pain, you know how inconvenient these issues can be. What if there was a way

Tips for Running in Hot Weather Without Getting Fatigued

running in hot weather

When the weather begins to warm up after a long winter, people start daydreaming about all the incredible things they'll do come June and July. Trips to the beach, theme parks, pool parties. You name it. Another thought that enters people's minds is how much weight they've gained over the holidays.