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10 Intense Running Drills You Need to Try

running drills

When training for a triathlon, consistent workouts are key. But, it pays to not do the same thing over and over. You should increase your intensity and switch up your routine as a race date gets closer. Not sure how to make this happen? Here are 10 running drills to try incorporating into your

The Benefits of Using a Training Tracker

training tracker

If you want to train well for a triathlon, you need to track patterns in your workouts in order to optimize performance improvement. At one point, athletes only had stopwatches to track their times and keep up with personal goals while training for a race. Now, the technology available in a

Triathlon Training: Swimming Drills For Endurance

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Completing a triathlon is an amazing accomplishment. You can master not one, but three types of activities. Your body and mind will be challenged as you endure training. It will be worth it after you complete the triathlon. Most competitors state the swimming challenge is the hardest. Sure, we all know

How to Greatly Improve your Swim Start

swim start

Developing a great swim start is not easy. But getting off the block quickly can shave whole seconds off your time. It'll take you a while before your start is as snappy as Michael Phelps, but practice is vital to get this right. Even if you're already a fantastic swimmer, this guide

How to Train Your Body for Full Triathlon Distances

triathlon distances

Swimming, cycling, and running. Can you do all three back to back? Triathlons are the ultimate test of speed and endurance. If you're really serious about completing one, read on for tips and advice on real triathlon distances. Getting Ready For Your First Triathlon A triathlon involves a half-mile swim, a ten-mile cycling

How to Improve Open-Water Triathlon Swimming

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Did you know that more and more participants compete in triathlons every year, with nearly half a million competitors in 2013? It's no wonder. Triathlons challenge both physical and mental limitations. They demand discipline and perseverance. With that said, they're also incredibly rewarding and fun. For most, the grueling 0.9-mile (1.5km) Olympic

7 Tips to Help You Improve Your Running Time

improve running time

From reducing blood pressure to building healthy bones, jogging has many health benefits. But those who jog for sport may want to boost their performance for the next race. In order to improve running time, you need to take calculated measures. You may have reached your distance goals and now want

How to Train for Your First Triathlon

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Just signed up for your first triathlon? A half mile swim, a 10-mile bike ride, and a 5K run sound like a lot, but with the proper training, anyone can finish a triathlon. And everyone should. Triathlons promote cardiovascular health, bone health, and even benefits parts the brain, like memory and thinking

How to Fit Training for a Triathlon into Your Schedule

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One of the best ways to prove your fitness excellence and versatility is by participating in a triathlon. Of course, you can't just waltz into a triathlon without proper training. Months and months of hard work and dedication need to be put in so that you can finish your triathlon in