A Guide to Athleisure Outfits in 2019

woman in workout outfit

People love looking great and are trying to get in shape and better their health. So what do you get when you put them together? 


This type of fashion, a mixture of athletic and leisure apparel, is incredibly popular in 2019. If you’re trying to join the wave and don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. 

Read below for more advice on choosing the best athleisure outfits this year. 

1. Consider the Minimalist Approach

Less is more. 

Rather than wearing clothing that is overdone with logos and featuring distracting words and colors, try a minimalist outfit. 

Sweats and tops in a single bold color are in right now. It gives the vibe of a PE uniform or pro athlete workout gear, with the right cuts and materials to still be incredibly fashionable. 

2. Choose Functional Items That Can Fit Right in with Your Wardrobe

To really get the most out of your athleisure, make sure you acquire pieces that you can work out in just as easily as you can wear it as a complement to an outfit. 

Matching some yoga pants and a sports bra with a pair of Nike Air Max 90 Dames can help you knock your wardrobe choice out of the park. You can also buy headbands, sweats and other pieces that would look good in just about any setting. 

3. Always Go with Top Notch Material

Never shortchange yourself when it comes to choosing quality materials. 

You will want your athleisure outfits to last a long time and also feel comfortable whenever you wear them. Today’s athleisure apparel has pushed the envelope when it comes to high-tech, breathable fabrics, so you should have no problem in that department. 

On top of material selections, you also need to know your size. For instance, knowing what size sports bra you wear can be the difference between looking and feeling great and being self-conscious. 

4. You Can’t Go Wrong with Shorts and Leggings

When in doubt — go with a nice pair of shorts or leggings. 

These are still crowd-pleasers in 2019, and you shouldn’t have an issue finding something that flatters you no matter the body type. If you really want to show off your hard work in the gym this summer, you may want to look into a nice pair of bicycle shorts. 

These shorts and leggings are made in a lot of different styles and color schemes, so they can be easily mixed and matched with any sort of outfit selection that you decide to go with. 

Shop for the Best Athleisure Outfits

If you are looking for the best athleisure outfits, start by using the four suggestions above. 

These tips are great whether you are an athlete wanting to always be in your zone, or just someone that loves the look that these more laid back outfits offer. You can find these wardrobe selections in a number of different brands, so don’t hesitate to shop until you find something that you like. 

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