5 Surprising Benefits of Golf That Can Make You a Better Triathlete

person playing golf

140.6 or 70.3? 

No matter how you answer, now is the time to start training for the 2019 season. With more than 4,300 races to choose from and thousands of people competing, you need a plan to get ready. 

You lift weights, swim laps, run for miles – but have you ever considered a playing a good game of golf? The physical and mental benefits of golf may surprise you.

Not convinced? Take a look at 5 different ways golf can make you a better triathlete. 

Full-Body Workout

When you swing your golf club, you work out your arms, legs, back, and abdomen. You also get a good rotation from your neck all the way down to your ankles. 

There are five parts your golf swing that work out specific parts of the body: 

  • Backswing 
  • Downswing 
  • Near Impact 
  • Impact
  • Follow-Through 

The more you can perfect your swing, the more you can work those muscle groups. Keep in mind, your outfit on the course will hinder your workout if you aren’t dressed appropriately. 

SportProvement can answer some questions you may have about the right fit, and style for you! 


One of the greatest health benefits of golfing is how much good it does for your heart! You walk the course, you carry your bag, you swing your club, you improve your heart health. 

How much it helps, depends on how often and how long you play. Research shows golf reaches the exercise intensity between 50-85 percent. That means you not only improve your performance but you build on your fitness potential. 

Weight Loss

Put on a few extra pounds during the off-season? Grab your clubs and head for green. 

Ditch the cart. If you play an 18-hole game, you will walk anywhere between 4-8 miles and burn 500-1,200 calories. Those numbers depend on how much effort you choose to put in. 

If you combine the walk with your swing and you carry your clubs you could burn up to 2,000 calories. 

Low Impact, Low Injury 

Why play golf? If you play to train for your next triathlon, there is a very low chance you will injure yourself enough to drop-out. 

Golf is low-impact, high-reward sport. This is especially helpful to triathletes who need to stay in prime physical condition to compete. 

That isn’t to say golf doesn’t run the risk of injury at all. A few common injuries are rotator cuff irritation, lower back pain, and ankle sprains.

As long as you continue to practice your form, stretch, and stay hydrated, you lower your risks! 

Mental Focus 

A triathlon isn’t just about physical power. Your mentality throughout the course is just as vital. 

The social benefits of playing golf reduce anxiety and help your competitive side. It’s also a nice workout for your brain as you figure out how to hit the ball and where you want it to land. 

Triathletes need to stay focused, have patience, drive, and a steady frame of mind as they compete. Golf will help you gain the mental skills you need to be at your best. 

Benefits of Golf for the Best Triathletes

These five benefits of golf are a few reasons why you should consider picking up a five iron before you hit the Ironman. Give it a try and see what the game can do for you! 

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