Benefits of Personal Training: A Complete Guide

benefits of personal training

The idea that there is a single workout for every triathlete is wrong and, well, dangerous. Injuries from workouts are common and can stop everyday training in its tracks. Beginners are most at risk.

Also, we all have varying metabolism, but we tend to consume very similar foods. We don’t have to look far for facts on the usual American diet and how it affects our bodies.

For athletes, changes to clean food choices can make huge strides toward fitness. Indeed, the benefits of personal training go far beyond strength and endurance.

This service also works from the inside out for athletes. As any human, we can be our own worst enemy. We often limit ourselves when there’s no reason.

Or, we overextend ourselves depleting our energy too soon.

Our minds can lead us down the wrong path. We may think of a personal trainer as something only the rich and famous use. This way, they don’t have to stand in line for a sweaty stationary bike.

Wrong. We put together a guide to help understand the benefits of personal training. And, why it’s right for you, too.

Age Makes a Difference

Though it’s true that many triathletes are ageless, we compete by age group for a reason. The 4-year gap ensures a twenty-something isn’t fighting for time against their grandmother.

In this case, we can see the differences in their bodies. Muscles lose mass as we age. Our bones are not as healthy. And, our pulmonary system has mileage on it.

So, the training should be different too. Likewise with nutrition as we need fewer calories but more protein in some cases. And, needs can change as we focus and narrow our goals.

The timely response and adjustments by trainers keep athletes on track for success. Their nutrition training, not trendy diets, focuses on you and your success.

The experts at Nathan DeMetz Personal Training offers advanced nutrition plans for individual improvement.

We can improve no matter our age.

Share Your Goal and Everyone Wins

As a team works together to win, a personal trainer shares your goal. Triathletes are individual competitors. But, a group can make the difference between moving toward results and losing alone.

As we depend on our bicycle shop, physician, and swim gear, a personal trainer wants what we want. We want to be our best. And, their success is your success.

When you see improvement from their guidance, you are both winners. As with any great success, no one does it all alone.

They not only make positive changes for you, but they also find needs where you can’t. Getting athletes out of their comfort zone is their specialty.

And, you’ll gain confidence after mastering new challenges.

Measure Your Results

Depending on your need, results of work with a personal trainer is simple to gage. If it’s endurance, for example, a personal trainer will establish your baseline.

They may ask for your best times in each event for the past three months. From this, you’ll get your menu of strength training, cardio exercise, and nutrition.

With tweaks along the way, they will watch your results. There’s no question of success as you gain timing, strength, and higher endurance. They’ll re-check every aspect of your training.

Then, you’ll gain insight into your ability and more confidence. What you might think is not possible becomes reality.

Even your basics of stretching before a race may need change. If you are copying someone else’s routine, it may not be benefitting you the way it could.

The State of Your Mind and Body Union

As Arnold Palmer once said, “Golf is game of inches. The most important is the six inches between your ears”. These words will forever remain true and cross all lines of sports.

Whether it’s on the golf course or a bicycle, we can get in our way. We come to believe we have limitations. Or worse, if we can’t do something right, there’s no reason to do it at all.

Our minds are our worst judge. The thing is, we’re wrong to believe them most of the time. When your trainer interrupts the conversation you have with yourself, great things happen.

No one is immune to a slump. The highest paid athletes in the world often need an impartial voice. They tell them what’s right and what’s holding them back.

This freedom alone makes us better at taking care of ourselves.

The Benefits of Personal Training Lasts

Your positive change with great results will last. Let’s say your strength training was not making you stronger. But, the changes are increasing solid muscle. Your motivation will keep you on track.

A personal trainer will make sure you are accountable for keeping up, and that will stay with you, too. The benefits of personal training will also give you a great variety of nutrition and workouts.

You’ll not want to go back to the mundane routine from before. And, once you realize the mistakes you were making which were slowing you down, you’ll not want to relive them.

In this way, our minds can become our friends again. Like a simple diet to lose weight, the results are evident to others, too. Feeling good about ourselves and our performance shows through.

Who would want to say goodbye to that?

Whether you are new to the triathlete nation or working toward your next race, we’ve got all the good stuff.

Training, equipment, and tips will get you to the finish line. Check out all the categories on our site, and we’ll see you at the races!