8 Diet Tips to Make Your Abs Pop

make your abs pop

Are you dying to have a six-pack and not the kind you’d buy in the grocery store?

You may have heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”, this is absolutely true!

If you want to make your abs pop during your next vacation or the next time you take a shirtless gym selfie, you must start to take note of what you put in your mouth.

There are certain foods that will help you in your quest for sculpted abs and some that will not.

Read on for 8 diet tips that will make your abs pop.

1) Snack Smart

If you want to fuel your workouts while also losing belly fat it’s important to snack smart.

Snacking on healthy foods throughout the day will ensure you’re not starving at meal times and therefore overeat.

The best snacks to choose from are food items high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Almonds, for example, are a perfect snack food because they give you a punch of protein and energy to carry you through to your next meal.

2) Kick Carbs to the Curb

There’s no need to eliminate health cards such as fruits and vegetables, but refined carbs such as white bread and pastries must go.

Refined carbs are essentially empty calories as they have been stripped of their nutritional value.

These carbs are bad for you because they spike insulin levels and they’re digested quickly so you’re hungry shortly after.

You don’t have to get rid of carbs entirely simply make some adjustments. Replace white bread with wheat bread and pasta with quinoa.

Your body will thank you for the extra nutrients and your stomach will start shedding fat.

3) Focus on Fiber

Fiber will be your best friend when it comes to your quest to make your abs pop.

Fiber is the secret weapon found in fruits and vegetables that keeps you full longer and regulates your digestive system.

If you want to shed body fat, munch on high fiber foods throughout the day.

Americans should be consuming 28 grams of fiber per day, but too many of us fall far below that threshold. If you think you’re getting enough fiber, chances are you’re not.

Focus on the foods that are the highest in fiber such as berries, peas, and beans.

4) Gulp Green Tea

Green tea is a beauty and health staple that not enough Americans get behind.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants that help flush out the toxins in your body.

Drinking a glass of green tea also revs up your metabolism and gets your body burning calories.

Instead of reaching for sugary drinks or alcohol, grab a cup of green tea. Just this simple switch will have you feeling lighter and healthier in no time.

5) Make Sure You’re Eating

Starving yourself in your quest to lose belly fat will be counterproductive.

When you don’t feed your body the nutrients it needs, your body goes into starvation mode and starts to hold on to every ounce of body fat you have.

Not eating will make it impossible to do proper exercises that will make you strong. The best thing you can do to start seeing your abs is to fuel your body properly with whole, nutrient-packed foods.

6) Drink Your Water

If you’re on a quest to shed stomach fat and reveal your abs you need to be guzzling water like it’s your job.

Invest in a reusable water bottle that’s good for the environment and your health. There are apps available on your phone to help you track your water intake so there’s no excuse for forgetting to hydrate.

The human body is 60% water, and the human brain is 73% water. Yet too many Americans walk around thirsty and neglecting their most valuable resource.

When your body is dehydrated it holds on to little water it has, making you look bloated. When you hydrate yourself your entire body from your brain to your heart to your pores works better.

7) Savor a Smoothie

Drinking a post-workout smoothie is a fantastic way to get your fruit and vegetable servings in as well as a protein kick.

Blend your favorite fruits together in a blender along with spinach and a plant-based protein powder.

After a workout, your body is craving nutrients to refuel itself and repair muscles. Make sure to give your body what it needs within 30 minutes of a workout.

8) Balance Your Meals Correctly

On your quest to make your abs pop it’s important that you choose the right amount of food for each meal.

You should eat dinner like a pauper, lunch like a prince, and breakfast like a king.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as those are the first calories your body is getting after a long fast. You need a big breakfast to help fuel your body until lunch.

Dinner should be the smallest meal of the day because bedtime is imminent and you don’t need a large number of calories while you’re sleeping.

If you’re counting calories be sure to devote the largest amount to breakfast, decrease at lunchtime, and then decrease again at dinner time.

At every meal make sure you’re eating a serving of protein and plenty of fiber.

Follow These Tips to Make Your Abs Pop

If you follow these diet tips while maintaining a healthy exercise regimen your abs will be popping out in no time.

All it takes is a little discipline and time for your body to adjust to eating healthy foods. Your body doesn’t want refined carbs and sugars, your mind has just become addicted to them.

Once you start feeding your body the way it deserves to be fed you will feel amazing and start craving healthy foods instead.

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