10 Ways a Workout Buddy Improves Your Training

workout buddy

A University of Aberdeen study recently proved that people who find a workout buddy end up exercising more than people who go it alone. Another study found that working on your cardio work with a partner will improve your results.

If you haven’t yet found a training partner, you’re missing out on a number of emotional and physical benefits.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to partner up with a workout buddy:

1. Motivation

Whether you regularly compete in triathlons, or you’re currently training for your first, some days will be easier than others. While you may be excited to get out and train on the weekend, by the time Monday rolls around, you may prefer to go home and watch Netflix in bed.

One of the biggest reasons why you need to find a workout buddy? They’ll help keep you motivated. And you’ll do the same for them. It’s a lot harder to bail on a training session when you know you have a training partner waiting for you.

2. Competition

Most of us would admit to a slight competitive streak. But it turns out that this is a good thing- healthy competition makes us perform better. It turns out that we’re more likely to meet our goals when our workout partner is fitter than us.

This is called the Kohler Effect, which basically means you don’t want to be the weakest link.

3. Form Check

It would be ideal if your workout buddy was a personal trainer. But even if your partner has a little experience, they can help you correct any obvious mistakes in your form.

This is particularly true for swimming. It can be difficult to know where you’re going wrong with your stroke or body position and even a simple change can often take minutes off your time.

4. Safety

This is a particularly important point if you’re working out in the gym as part of your training. Having a buddy spot you, when you’re doing your bench press or squats, will make your workout much safer.

This is also a good thing to think about during the winter months when it gets dark early. Having a workout buddy to run with at night makes it much safer than running by yourself.

5. Variety

Your training partner will have different knowledge and skills than you. Both of you can benefit from your combined knowledge by sharing new workouts, the correct form, and different ways to train.

Variety is one of the best ways to keep your training fun, and you’re much more likely to stick to your training program when you can incorporate new things.

6. Support

Training for a triathlon can be a rollercoaster. Some weeks it feels like you’re going to smash your goals, while others it can feel like you’re running (or biking) through mud.

When you have a workout buddy, you’ll be able to talk about how your training is going with someone who knows exactly how you’re feeling.

Let’s face it: We’re social animals, and we all need the positive reinforcement and company of others. Even on days when you’re not training together, a simple phone call can make all the difference between mediocre results and incredible results on triathlon day.

7. Nutrition

Along with working out together, your workout buddy will help you stay accountable for your healthy eating goals.

You probably already have friends that want to grab a burger or beer (or burgers and beers) whenever you meet up. Since your training partner is also working on their own goals, you’ll be more likely to grab a healthy snack after a workout.

Not to mention, you can swap recipes and meal prep tips- making it easier to stay on track.

8. Bonding

As adults, it can be difficult to find time to catch up with friends and family members. And when you’re training for a triathlon, you naturally say goodbye to a lot of free time.

If you choose a workout buddy who you would naturally want to spend time with anyway, you’ll be able to combine your training sessions with some socialization. These days, it’s easy to send a message on Facebook and consider that “catching up” but when you’re running miles together, you’ll be able to create a deeper friendship.

9. Commitment

Sure, planning to train for a triathlon already takes commitment. But when you have a workout buddy, you’ll need to plan workouts in advance so they can work for both of your schedules.

It turns out that you’re 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you’re writing them down on a regular basis. Each time you schedule a workout, you’re making a micro-commitment towards your triathlon.

And once your workouts are on your calendar, you’re much more likely to actually go through with them.

10. Fun

While actually competing in a triathlon is exciting and nerve-wracking, the training can be monotonous and boring. We’re talking hours of running, swimming, and biking. And all of these are often solo activities.

When you add a workout buddy into these training sessions, they’re likely to become much more fun. Whether you’re exchanging recipes, talking about the latest football game, or having a good gossip session, the time is guaranteed to go much more quickly.

You can get in a serious training session without being serious. The more fun your training sessions are, the more you’ll look forward to them. And you’ll be more committed to those training sessions over the long-term.

The right training partner can make your training sessions much more fun. Since workout out alone is often a lonely experience, being able to motivate, encourage, and laugh with each other will make it much more enjoyable.

Have you Found a Workout Buddy?

As you can see, a workout buddy can improve your training in a variety of different ways. Training for a triathlon takes a lot of dedication and motivation, but you’ll find it much easier (and more fun) when your training partner is there beside you.

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